Support files

Some of these products need these common files (where specified).

Please download these files and copy them in the same directory where you put the plugin.

Voices_supp_files.zip (126kB)

Grainz VSTi granular synthesizer


You can download this version

Grainz_0-4-0.zip (730kB)

OR this one (if your processor doesn't have SSE extensions)

Grainz_0-4-0_noSSE.zip (730kB)

together with these waveforms

Grainz_wavs (10MB)

Here are some experimental waveforms from the new automatic waveform generator

agw060605.zip (2.4MB)

A new set of 40 digital waveforms


A first small bank of sounds. It is a small test: twelve sounds from the same sample, from pads to pianos and basses

Grainz_Bank_160606.zip (6kB)

A very useful manual by runagate@KvR

Grainz 0_4_0 supplemental text.pdf (600kB)

Here is the draft for the operation manual

Grainz_manual_draft.pdf (182kB)



  • Download the .zip files

  • Extract the files. Copy the .dll in your plugins directory

  • Make "wavs" directory in the same directory where the plugin is. Put the wav files directly there

  • Put support files (download them from "Voices" section) in your system directory (for png support)

Requires support files

Voices VSTi formant synthesizer


This is a whole bank with 50 presets:

Voices_Presets_1.zip (11kB)

This is a bank with 10 pads:

Voices_0-0-4_Pads.zip (4kB)

Download the pdf manual here:

Voices manual 0 (360kB)

Mirror1 VST morphing convolver


You can download this alpha version

MirrOR PHilter (mirror1) (2.8MB)


This is a demo version. It works only for 44100Hz sample rate!

Requires SSE extension (Pentium IV or equivalent one)


Requires support files

Traks time-stretching VSTi


This demo release works with 44.1 KHz 16 bit mono wav files

Download Traks_Demo_0905_2.zip

Download Traks pdf manual (draft)

Tolcbocs VST vocoder


Download TolcBocs (211 kB)

The manual is now available for download here:

TolcBocs_Manual_0.pdf (767kB)

(here in FLS demo)

RealLS VST rotary speaker


First demo version:

SKnote_RealLS_0_0_1.zip (58kB)

Solo VSTi synthesizer


  • Download one .zip files to your computer (select one among three dll below)

  • Extract .ddl file in your plugins directory

  • Extract sound bank file

  • Extract operation manual (.pdf)

If you have a new Pentium IV, try this:

Solo VST Synth (SSE2 optimized) - Solo.dll - build 0.0.6b (539 KB)

If you have an old Pentium IV or other, try this:

Solo VST Synth (SSE optimized) - Solo.dll - build 0.0.6b (539 KB)

If first two don't work, use this:

Solo VST Synth (no-SSE) - Solo.dll - build 0.0.6b (539 KB)


Here is the first preset sound bank (100 patches)

Solo VST Synth - Preset Bank 1 (16 KB)

New presets provided by Morelia (@KVR)

Solo_25-ps_Morelia.zip (12.4kB)

Operation manual.

Solo VST Synth - Operation manual - rev.0 (pdf 951 KB)


mail to: quintosardo@yahoo.it