Console emulation bundle

Console emulation and bus compression

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Channel strip:

- console selection

- channel filters

- inter-channel interaction (modeling the console as a whole)

- inter-channel ducking

- (NEW in v.2) inter-channel crosstalk!

Bus compressor:

- console selection

- compressor selection

- emulations of great hardware compressors

- gain reduction limiting ("range")

- sample aligned parallel compression ("NY style")

- special sidechain with better low and high frequencies

- special continuous mid-side compression mode

- 4x oversampling





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StripBus bundle

Win VST 32 and 64bit, Mac VST and AU, 32 and 64bit


(RTAS available soon...)

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StripBus console bundle


StripBus is a full console emulation bundle.

It includes two plugins:

  • Strip - a channel strip emulation with filters, metering and inter-channel ducking

  • Bus - a stereo bus emulation with stereo bus compressor and special sidechain

Main features are:

  • multiple emulations

  • inter-channel interaction (emulates the console as a whole)

  • special filters with dynamic behaviour

  • inter-channel ducking

  • bypass-all menu for fast wet-dry comparison (bypasses all plugin instances from a single menu)

  • peak and VU metering

  • stereo bus compressor

  • sample aligned parallel compression

  • gain reduction limiting ("range")

  • low frequencies preservation algorithm

  • hugh frequencies preservation algorithm

  • special continuous mid-side compression mode

  • 4x oversampling for nice transients

NEW in Bus v.2

  • new "Opto 2A" compressor

  • parameter readout

  • better scaling on attack and release time

NEW in Strip v.2

  • inter-track crosstalk (models the crosstalk from every track to other ones)

  • stereo crosstalk

  • background noise

  • two new console models (C Solid state and D Tube)

  • better mono/stereo management

  • lower cpu load

  • new multi-mode filters, with new parallel equalizer

  • new large, calibrated VU-peak meter

  • global extra-headroom control (manage global "stress" from a single instance)

  • eight desks (grouping) available

Available as Win32/64 VST, Mac 32/64 VST/AU and soon RTAS

Tutorial page - examples, sound samples and presets