STA-limit v.2

Tube compressor. Unique.
Currently available in your user area: v.2.0.0 01 aug 2015

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STA-limit tube compressor v.2




- hw modeled

- stereo

- dual or stereo

- 4x oversampling

- "extra" unit

- Mid-Side compression

- v.2: improved sound and lighter on CPU

It is a free update for existing users.

Input Input gain.
Output Output gain.
Mode Single time constant for release, double time constant (useful on groups and mixes), auto mode (program dependent release).
Recovery time Time needed to recover from compression, often defined as "release time".
Sidechain filters Cut or boost low and high frequency band in the sidechain path. A cut reduces compression for that frequency band, a boost increases sensitivity and compression. Disabled when Extra switch is off.
Image Route the action of the compressorto the full stereo signal, the Mid component or the Side component only and anywhere in between. Standard position is 50%. Disabled when Extra switch is off.
Stereo Mode "Stereo": the same amount of compression affects both left and right channels, for the best stereo alignment. "Dual": left and right channels are procesed through two completely independent compressors. Image shift may arise due to audio content. Usually a wider stereo image. Always active.
Mix Time and phase aligned wet/dry mix, useful for a finer control on compression. Set it to 100% for normal compressor action.