Performance Synthesizer for Apple iPhone™/iPod™/iPad™

simple interface, deep engine, great control

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HandSynth is a simple but very powerful synthesizer.

No compromises: deep algorithms, great filters, full control, internal effects.

Controls are simplified, for a performance-oriented device. Set sound and envelopes with four controls, detune and harmonize (octave, fifth) the double oscillator for a wide sound palette.

Sculpt the sound by means of powerful filters, with resonance and internal saturation.

Set lowpass filter (two kinds) for classic squelchy synth souds.

Choose vowel filters (male, female) for voice-like sounds or special effects.

Internal effects give mains to refine the sound. Chorus, with mono or stereo modes for ultra-wide sound. Drive, with two modes (A: soft, B: hard) for an aggressive sound. Delay with feedback filter, useful for ambience or echo effects, with mono and stereo (ping-pong) modes.

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Thirty oscillator algorithms.

Each set of algorithms uses a radically different sound engine, while maintaining the same simplified controls set for sound programming.

Discrete Summation Formulae (DSF) - Classical wave shapes with full control on harmonic content

Wavetables - Several spectra with control on brightness and shape

Frequency Modulation (FM) - Five very simple algorithms for rich spectra

Chebyshev - Five new algorithms for incredibly rich oscillators

Noise - Classic waveform with noise component for breathy sounds

Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) - Classic waveform with a complex pulse width control

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Great control with the multitouch, continuous keyboard control.

Three octaves available on the screen. First touch is precise (snap to the semitone), slide horizontally for pitch shifting, bending, vibrato, slide vertically for expression control (volume, filter frequency, oscillator parameter).

Activate "Theremin" mode for full control on expression by means of the internal accelerometer.

Transpose the keyboard to set the best range for the performance.

Play along iPod music. Load your music in iPod and exercise solos.

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100 slots available for sound programs.

HandSynth keeps everything in internal memory. Ready on startup, as you left it.

Edit presets for a fully customized sound library. Match output level from a preset to another.

Transfer presets to/from a computer, organize sounds, download, load and exchange sound libraries.

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