VCA Compressor with saturating limiter.

Punch, sustain, drive.

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- hw modeled

- stereo

- hold control

- limiter with drive

- 4x oversampling

- sidechain EQ

- parallel compress

C165a - Electro

C165a - Snare

preset - Sustainer1

preset - Puncher 1

preset - Color

preset - Deep 1

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C165a VCA Comp


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C165 VCA Compressor with sidechain


C165a has been developed by measuring and testing a classic VCA compressor with a great sound and very simple to use. Its features have been extended including sidechain filters, a sample-aligned parallel mixing control and a limiter switch.

Main features are:

  • mono/stereo

  • Auto mode for easy compression, punch and smooth sustain

  • 4x oversampling for nice saturation

  • internal sidechain equalizer (low, mid and high bands)

  • internal limiter with controlled distortion (for more punch, peak control or creative drive - switchable)

  • sample aligned internal parallel compression

  • knee meter (leds) and in/out/compression meter

  • simple 3D interface

  • from transparent compression to extreme punch, sustain and creative distortion

Available as Win32/64 VST, Mac32/64 VST/AU and soon RTAS


Audio demo


Acoustic Snare track

(starts dry, then 80% parallel compression, 100% compression, ...)

(track from the new album "Daily Home Reflections")



Waveshaper Aluminium - Electro Drum Deep 1

Waveshaper Aluminium - Electro Drum Puncher 1

(samples and related presets by Waveshaper - waveshaper.12r.org)

(“12bit drummer” set and “Aluminium” drumpack)